"A Corridor with Zero new HIV infection, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS-related deaths
and No Obstacle to free movement of people and goods."
Regional workshop on year 6 report dissemination and validation of study reports on the project for the facilitation of trade and transport along the Abidjan-Lagos corridor

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The Executive Secretariat of the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Organization (ALCO) organized on 29th and 30th September 2016 in Cotonou, at AZALAI HOTEL, the regional workshop on year 6 report dissemination and validation of studies on the Project for the Facilitation of Trade and Transport along the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor (PFTTAL).

The workshop was chaired by the Benin Minister of Infrastructures and Transport.
The workshop brought together 96 delegates from the Project stakeholders (Project Coordinating Units [PCU] and National Facilitation Committees [NFC] in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria and from ALCO). The World Bank, UNAIDS, African Development Bank (ADB), JICA, WAEMU and the European Union also participated in the workshop.

The objectives of this meeting are as follow:

The general objectives are to (i) share with the stakeholders (Countries, ECOWAS, World Bank, ALCO) the level of achievement of the project performance indicators and (ii) validate the consultants’ reports.

The two-day session helped to achieve the objectives initially set. All reports were amended and validated.

The following recommendations were made at the workshop:

  • Strengthen collaboration with the NACP and the NACC
  • Strengthen and formalize the relationship between ALCO and the NFC through various forms of support;
  • Ensure the visibility of ALCO’s work by highlighting its achievements on the website.
  • Within the framework of Implementing Regulation 14 along the whole corridor, the ADB will organize a workshop in order to seek proposals for support measures enabling operators to comply with this Regulation. For instance, we could create a regional freight exchange ensuring the return freight as well as logistics and specialized platform by country.
  • Formalize the road maintenance and monitoring system along the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor;
  • Contribute to the operationalization of JCPs along the Abidjan-Lagos corridor and entrust ALCO with their management.

The participants appealed to the ECOWAS Commission country members through a joint declaration to the Heads of State and Governments of the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor to entrust the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Organization (ALCO) with the mission assigned to the Abidjan-Lagos Highway Management Authority.

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