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RESULTS: Single Window (SW) is computerized and operational (jul-dec 2014)

COTE D’IVOIRE - In July 2013, the Foreign Trade Single Window (FTSW) portal was commissioned.
- In January 2014 the import and debit authorizations were obtained on the FTSW. Manifests are transmitted by shipping agents to the FTSW which transfers them to the stakeholders, including Customs.
- In April 2014, all records are submitted online to get the final valuation report which is transmitted to Customs with the declaration of the freight forwarder.
- 800 stakeholders weretrained.
GHANA - SWhas been set up and is operational
TOGO - On 10th October 2013 Togo signed an agreement with the Bureau Veritas group and SOGE SA for the establishment and operation of the Foreign Trade Single Window. Implementation has begun.SOGET company has been selected by the Togolese Government.
- On 20th February 2014, the activities of the Foreign Trade Single Window operating company of Togo (SEGUCE Togo) were officially launched by the Minister of Trade and Private Sector Promotion.
- Stakeholders are currently being trained. Six hundred stakeholders have already been trained.
- The pilot phase ended on 30th June 2014. The import phase of the Single Window is expected to be completed by end of December 2014.
- A Fast Track Clearance Unit has been set up at the Lome port.
BENIN - The SW at Cotonou port has been set up and is operational. Hydrocarbon imports are processed by the SW since 18th December 2013. As such, all the Port transactions are processed by the Single Window of Cotonou Port. Improvements continue to enhance the services.
- Following a decision by Cabinet in Benin, a contract amendment authorized SOGET to integrate pre-clearance procedures to the Single Window. All operations for the clearance of goods at the Import / Export phase of the Cotonou port are managed by the Single Window.
NIGERIA - The committee began work in September 2011 with the interconnection of Customs, banks, and all the actors and port agencies. WEBB-Fontaine Company is responsiblefor the technical aspect.
- Finally, the Government recruited another consultant WESTBLUE CONSULTING who, after study, presented its report on 11 and 12 December 2012 in Abuja. The process is currently on-going to determine the type of single window and its actual implementation.

RESULTS: number of kilometers of rehabilitated roads

An increase of 110 kilometers of rehabilitated road (Ghana: 85 km, Togo: 8 km: and Benin 17 km) at the end of the fourth year. In Côte d’Ivoire, it is expected that 50 km out of the 130.3 km of roads would be rehabilitated.

Togo: Aného – Sanvee Condji road stretch (8 km): work is completed; provisional reception on 19th Nov. 2013.

Benin: Godomey – Pahou road stretch (about 17 km): the progress of works estimated at the end of December 2014 to 83.41% for a period of consumption by 90% in reference to the completion scheduled for 15 March 2015. The financial implementation rate was 72.81%. In terms of the rate of execution of supervision of services (88.45%).

Ghana : rehabilitation of the Agona Junction – Elubo (110 km) road has started. The implementation rates of the various lots are: 71.35% (Lot 1), 73.45% (Lot 2) and 77.12% (Lot 3). Work has lagged behind; completion is scheduled for December 2015.

Côte d’Ivoire : Moossou-Nzikro-Aboisso-Noé road stretch of 130,3 km, broadening and strengthening of the Noe bridge (Côte d’Ivoire – Ghana border), contract to start the access road of Vridi terminal (about 5Km) signed on 11 Nov 2013. Four contracts were signed. Vridi cargo terminal, Noe-Aboisso-section, two control contracts. The World Bank is funding the Aboisso-Noe section (63 km) and the Noe bridge (120 m).