"A Corridor with Zero new HIV infection, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS-related deaths
and No Obstacle to free movement of people and goods."
The staff

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Photo Full Name Position Contact
1. Mr. Idrissa KONE Executive Secretary idi@corridor-sida.org
2. r Mr. Charles A. ARYEE Internal Auditor caa@corridor-sida.org
3. Mr. Edy Kokouvi ANTHONY Specialist Transport and multisectoral kea@corridor-sida.org
4. Dr. Leopoldine de SOUZA PADONOU Health Specialist lds@corridor-sida.org
5. Dr. Abdel-Aziz FAGBEMI Specialist Supply and Inventory Management aaf@corridor-sida.org
6. Mr. Yao Agapit AKOLATSE Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist aya@corridor-sida.org
7. Mr. Martial Monney ALLEBY Data Manager mma@corridor-sida.org
8. Colonel Emmanuel ZINKPE Expert Customs and Taxation ezi@corridor-sida.org
9. Dr. Hugues GUIDIGBI Health Specialist hsg@corridor-sida.org
10. Prof. Dr. Ing. Eugene DAKITSE-BENISSAN Expert Statistician dbe@corridor-sida.org
11. Mr. Jules Venance KOUASSI Environmental Specialist and Medical Waste Management jvk@corridor-sida.org
12. Vacant Communications Specialist IEC / BCC hhk@corridor-sida.org
13. Mr. Noel Y. GBEVO Director of Administration and Finance gny@corridor-sida.org
14. Vacant position Chief Accountant xxx?@corridor-sida.org
15. Ms. Souratou ADJIBADE Senior Accountant ads@corridor-sida.org
16. Mrs. Claire AMOUZOUN Accountant acg@corridor-sida.org
17. Mr. Alexis ADIMOU Accountant aao@corridor-sida.org
18. Mr. Andre ZINSOU Assistant Procurement and Inventory Management zas@corridor-sida.org
19. Mrs. Benedicte Grâce Y. KINDJI Executive Secretary Personal Assistant prc@corridor-sida.org
20. Mrs. Esther ALAPINI Administrative Assistant ale@corridor-sida.org
21. Mrs. Alice GNONLONFOUN Administrative Assistant prc@corridor-sida.org
22. Mr. David NOUNAGNON Switchboard Operator-Receptionist dan@corridor-sida.org
23. Mr. Bienvenu A. C. KUAKUVI Driver prc@corridor-sida.org
24. Mr. Yacoubou Gounou KORA Driver prc@corridor-sida.org
25. Mr. Ibrahim Souley TAMIMOU Driver prc@corridor-sida.org
26. Mr. Nicolas Adjibade CHABI Driver prc@corridor-sida.org