"A Corridor with Zero new HIV infection, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS-related deaths
and No Obstacle to free movement of people and goods."
REPORT YEAR 2 : JULY 2011 – JUNE 2012

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REPORT YEAR 2 : JULY 2011 - JUNE 2012


The transport sector and trade plays a key role in development policy adopted by the governments of the Abidjan -Lagos corridor. It is an important element of national development and competitiveness of their economies. Therefore, government policy focuses on trade facilitation , improving the functioning of the transport sector by introducing healthy competition between means, modes and transport companies as well as
improving the road and good management and coordination infrastructure.

Project Facilitation of Trade and Transport on the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor ( ALTTFP ) wants to be a regional integration tool to create a synergy of actions and monitor all actions to the fluidity of transport and trade on this corridor.

After two years of implementation , the Executive Secretariat of ALCO , in charge of monitoring and evaluation of this ambitious project, prepared the report for the year ALTTFP 2 is a summary of all current information cyclical and measurable performance indicators Abidjan- Lagos whose variation is significant over a short period . This report presents the results of data collection on the performance indicators of the project period July 2011 to June 2012 .

Taking into account these results by makers help optimize gains , improved strategies for accelerating the attainment of the project objectives to achieve the option of governments to reduce physical barriers and non-tariff trade and transport in ports , roads and borders
Abidjan- Lagos.